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Point Lookout Lighthouse Featured In Series

April 20th, 2008 | by Sue |

Point Lookout Lighthouse, one of America’s most haunted, is featured in an article on The Anchor.

Point Lookout Lighthouse

A small excerpt from the article:

Ever since the light had been deactivated, there has been an inquiry as to whether the lighthouse was haunted. The person living there at the time was Gerald “Gerry” Sword. He wrote down notes of some events that he was unable to explain. Some of these events ranged from loud voices he heard in the night, especially during storms, to footsteps constantly being heard in the hallway, to hearing a sound that resembled snoring in the kitchen, and many other strange occurrences.

The last person to live in the house was Laura Berg who moved in in 1979. She made notes of her own of strange events that took place. She claimed that she heard footsteps in the hall, as well as smelling a strange odor in the kitchen. In 1980, the first paranormal investigation was conducted of the lighthouse led by Dr. Hans Holzer. The team experienced the same things Gerry and Berg experienced and concluded that it was indeed haunted.

After she moved out in 1981, the place was the subject of many investigations in which Berg or Gerry was there to assist. There were also many studies into the former keepers and history of the lighthouse. It was believed that one keeper, Pamelia Edwards, kept prisoners of war there during the Civil War. A prisoner of war camp had been in operation near Point Lookout at the time. If any ghosts are haunting the lighthouse, it could indeed be of these soldiers, or possibly of former keepers.

The article does talk about some of the lightkeepers, including the third one, William Wood, who caused several accidents at the lighthouse, including breaking several of the light’s mirrors and having a cat fall into the lantern oil barrel, thereby contaminating the supply and necessitating its replacement.

The lighthouse is only open occasionally to visitors, but it’s also available to paranormal investigative teams. More info on the lighthouse can be found at

Photo by CWBash. Some rights reserved.

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  2. By east85 on Oct 21, 2008 | Reply

    This light has an interesting history, aside from the deaths at the light and the POW camp, there have been many other misfortunate events that happened either on the grounds of the light, or just off the coast in the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, the earliest record I’ve found of something happening there was 1634.

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